However, in order to reduce the risk of products and presentation style has been copied several careful booth additional “caretaker”, if you want to get in there and will not be easy, need to answer such as “What do you do what Which professional and rigorous problem, otherwise, you may be shut out

The concept of automotive interior products show you want green products

Zhengzhou Auto goods in this year’s Fair site, in addition to a wide variety of automotive interior products, the number of participating companies carefully planned product launch ideas still “force” many companies to bring its latest products at the same time, the product given to the The concept of connotation of the deep excavation, such as this product is not only sophisticated technology, the material is the natural green material, well versed in automotive supplies green low-carbon development trends of buyers is undoubtedly does not have a certain appeal.

The exhibitors opportunistic huge show frequency similar products now, the same company name, the same brand

With the continuous advancement Junkyards near me of the automotive supplies industry, in view of the high mimic the characteristics of the car seat and other products, many companies fought in the automotive products market. Automotive supplies exhibition site, the current Zhengzhou, I actually found many similar products, the same company name and the same brand names. However, small businesses for fraud, even with impunity, openly openly imitate as the exhibition of large-scale industry, automotive supplies, is a powerful channel for enterprises to expand brand influence, which not only seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises to be imitated, the more serious interfere with the health and healthy development of the automotive supplies industry, no doubt I feel the sigh. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.

Naturally attracted a large exhibition of the domestic automotive industry supplies many dealers in the industry, a consistent concern of the 4S shops, associations, the terminal owner. However, I learned from the many exhibitors, the current the Zhengzhou automotive supplies exhibition concept exhibition popularity, although impressive, but mostly in the north passenger, a lot of the South all the way in terms of customers to participate in all finished the first half after the early departure. In addition, I saw at the scene, whether it is the first half or second half of the Zhengzhou exhibition, almost do not see foreign buyers, which is sufficient to appear Zhengzhou, automotive supplies exhibition is based on the Chinese market positioning.


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